Traffic Congestion

City of Mississauga’s Closed-Circuit traffic cameras are witnessing serious traffic congestion but is there any solution to eliminate the traffic gridlock? Yes, there is, A WALKWAY SYSTEM, not the LRT alone. It would connect 82 buildings to Square One. Cost? Zero. It would all be paid by corporations by selling the ad spots like they did in Dubai. I have international experience, and I’ll do it.

Rising Property Taxes

Though the economy has touched the bottom, but property taxes are on rise. They blame inflation and rising costs of goods and services. Fancy spreadsheets and graphs to justify. But, if someone has bought a condo/home for $400,000, 25 years ago, never moved, why on earth would they pay more? No one is listening especially to seniors. My TAX FREEZE MOVEMENT would bring change.

Rising Condo Fee

Management companies are all together in this and no politician is doing anything to stop it. They say, «well, condos are run by directors, Owners can change the Board». Well, condo directors have no clue about the game management companies are playing. And some are serving their interests un-intentionally. The IMPACT to bring new legislation is the answer and I WILL DO THAT.