COVID-19 defeated

For the first time in history global economic calamity was triggered due to a virus. All flights were shut down, the entire world was put into lockdown in one way or another and all human-to-human contact, including handshakes, were prohibited. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) originated in Wuhan, China. Then the deadly virus travelled around the
world through infected humans called virus carriers. However, within one year, the world came out of a vaccine to defeat the virus.
Third plague, Measles, Russian Flu, Spanish Flu, Asian Flu, Aids, MERS, SARS and now COVID-19. Common symptoms of
Coronavirus remain a fever, a dry cough that develops after 2-7 days, mild breathing difficulties at the outset, gastrointestinal
issues, diarrhea, general body aches and sever symptoms jump to high fever, pneumonia, and kidney failure. Transmission takes place through coughs or sneezes from infected person or touching contaminated objects.

Flaw in the Law – that must change – Buyers Beware

Owning real estate is humans’ single biggest investment. People put their maximum savings towards a down payment for a home of their dream. Government think that Buyers are protected through Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA) but that is not true. Buyers are not fully protected in cases where one Realtor is working for both Seller and Buyer. Here is what happens when you are buying.

According to the Real Estate Corporation of Ontario (RECO) that issues licenses to Real Estate Representatives and Brokers (Realtors), you can be a “client” or a “customer”. Client implies that you have signed a “Buyer Representation Agreement” with a Realtor. If you have not signed with anyone and are looking at houses on your own by calling Listing Agents or visiting open houses then you may revise the action plan. Most Buyers do not sign “Buyer Representation Agreement” hoping to save the money but that does not work. If you happened to be in an open house, you really liked the house and you asked the listing agent to prepare an offer for you means you are technically in contract and become his/her “Customer”. “Representation Agreements can be written, oral or implied” (RECO).

New Cabinet SWORN in Canada

Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada who lost the majority has made success to form the government. He unveiled his new cabinet today, November 20, 2019, one month after elections. Mr. Trudeau‘s Liberals have only 157 seats, short of the 170 needed for a majority, meaning the Prime Minister will have to find common ground with other parties to move his agenda forward.


On October 30, 2018, Liberals fulfilled their promise to appoint “an independent commission to organize leaders’ debates and bring an end to partisan gamesmanship.” They selected former Governor General David Johnston as Debates Commissioner who after the government’s invitation he was delighted and said that he is “delighted and honoured.” For any country the acceptance of election results across the population is a healthy sign and such actions create positivity, however, opposition always find an opposite dimension.

IMRAN KHAN wins in Pakistan

General election results in Pakistan on Wednesday July 25, 2018, declared Imran Khan a cricket legend turned politician victorious. Elections were held in 270 constituencies for National Assembly. Imran Khan’s the Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf party (PTI) became the single largest party at the national level both in terms of popular vote and seats.


Canada’s Green Party ofCanada enjoyed victory on Monday, May 06, 2019, in a special election for a parliamentary seat of NanaimoLadysmith, British Columbia with about 38 percent of the vote casted. Paul Manly’s victory is the 2nd win for Greens, federally in 36 years. NDP was holding on to this seat which became vacant after the New Democrats Party (NDP) member decided to quit. The results are quite upsetting for both Liberals and NDP headed by Jagmeet Singh


India and Pakistan fought two large scale wars in 1965 and in 1971, and two small scale wars in 1949 and 1999. The recent troubles started on Feb. 14, when a suicide bomber in the Indiancontrolled part of Kashmir rammed a car packed with explosives into an Indian military convoy, killing more than 40 troops. Indians responded and leveled the camps ran by a terrorist group alongside the border, India claimed. The trouble did not end here and a day later Indians wanted more damage but their two planes were shot and a pilot was captured alive. As a goodwill gesture the pilot was returned to India after two days by Pakistani authorities. Both sides are now holding their horses but the fireworks can begin anytime

Hubble and Bubble

In 1990, few months after Canadians saw 1989 housing bubble, 11 tonnes Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was placed just 570 km away from us up there. Since then it is sending the clear signals and images we enjoy. Unfortunately economists don’t have that kind of eyes yet and still predict future based on past figures. Economists don’t understand that engineering is different. Last year Bank of Montreal’s Chief Economist Doug Porter said that Toronto, Ontario Housing market has a bubble which was a wrong signal and a wrong prediction because there was no bubble.

G7 or G8

In 2014 Russia following Russian takeover of Crimea the world reacted and asked Russia to back off. Russians said, “No” and faced sanctions and isolation. During the last G7 summit in Quebec, Canada, US President Donald Trump voiced in favor of Russia and wanted Russia in G7 and turn it to G8. Russia was suspended from the elite G8 group of leading economies, who said they could not accept its breach of international law. A G7
statement released said: ‘This group came together because of shared beliefs and shared responsibilities. Russia’s actions in recent weeks are not consistent with them.’ David Cameron, Barack Obama and other world leaders said it was up to Vladimir Putin to ‘change course’ over Ukraine or his country will remain excluded indefinitely.