If You Elected Me

My job would be to save your Tax Dollars by increasing productivity in delivering the services you need

Who Am I

  • At the age of 13, completed training as First Aid Worker organized by The Saint John Ambulance Association.
  • Current President, Friends of Environment Association, a not-for-profit co.
  • Current President, Safe Homes for All, another not-for-profit group.
  • Worked with United Technologies Corporations, one of the top 50 Fortune Companies. The experience included trainings in Japan, France and UK
  • Remained as Director on the Board of a Mississauga Condominium Corp.
  • Remained as Director of many Riding Associations.
  • Contributed many articles on Real Estate Investment and Trade.
  • Own a Real Estate Brokerage, headquartered in Ward 7 for over a decade, and I am a proud resident of Ward 5

Practical Approach to Affordability

Property Taxes are collected on the current property value. And Property values are rising out of logical order so does the property taxes. That is painful.

If one lives in a house bought years ago, why would he/she pay the taxes on present value the services being provided are the same, the provider's pay is the same, and pension amount is the same?

Inflation will go down; therefore, the tax must freeze. If it is increased as per the old inflation rate, this would be disastrous. The tax rate would not drop again when the inflation comes down to 2%-3%.

Increased property taxes hurt everyone. Even Renters are hit by higher rents since landlords pay more.

I stand with the citizens and that is why I have put my name on the ballot. Now friends help me to get there and make me relevant and I promise you that I will fight for you and will serve you better.

About Home Ownership for Renters

Renters see no hope of ownership, their savings are being Depleted by rising rents. City can encourage builders through Incentives to put RENT-TO-OWN projects. Again, it's Difficult but doable.