My mission is to give my fellow citizens a safe, overhead and covered walkway system every modern city has, like “path” in Toronto.

In my proposed walkway system 82 buildings would be connected, meaning, Tucana, Kingsbridge, Kariya, Absolute, Arista, Mississauga Valley, Kenaf, Elm. Enfield. Webb, Burnhamthorpe, Duke of York, Confederation, Rathburn, Living arts and city center dr/ to square one

I feel so powerless though I have designed a walkway system for you but being in no position my message is not being heard in the corridors of power.

But I will again try to run as a councilor, member of provincial parliament because without being in power they mission to make thousands of lives better would not come to reality. Friends, standby with a hope that I run again and succeed. Next time I would work harder. For workable solutions to real problems.

Committed to work for you, 24/7 – always in suit & tie