My Mission

Rising Property Taxes are alarming and hurting everyone. Owners and Renters both. My first priority is to work with fellow councilors to freeze taxes and not raise it since the property prices are increased illogically.

My mission 2 is to give my fellow citizens a safe, overhead and covered walkway system every modern city has, like “path” in Toronto.

My 3rd mission is to address all issues and concerns listed on the next page.

About the Property Taxes

Property Taxes are collected on the current property value. And Property values are rising out of logical order so does the property taxes. That is painful.

If one lives in a house bought years ago, why would he/she pay the taxes on present value if the services being provided are the same, the provider’s pay is the same, and pension amount is the same? It must not change more than the rate of inflation.

Increasing property taxes hurt everyone. Even Renters are hit by higher rents since landlords pay more.

I stand with the citizens and that is why I have put my name on the ballot. Now friends help me to get there and make me relevant and I promise you that I will fight for you and will serve you better.