COVID-19 defeated

For the first time in history global economic calamity was triggered due to a virus. All flights were shut down, the entire world was put into lockdown in one way or another and all human-to-human contact, including handshakes, were prohibited. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) originated in Wuhan, China. Then the deadly virus travelled around the
world through infected humans called virus carriers. However, within one year, the world came out of a vaccine to defeat the virus.

Third plague, Measles, Russian Flu, Spanish Flu, Asian Flu, Aids, MERS, SARS and now COVID-19. Common symptoms of
Coronavirus remain a fever, a dry cough that develops after 2-7 days, mild breathing difficulties at the outset, gastrointestinal
issues, diarrhea, general body aches and sever symptoms jump to high fever, pneumonia, and kidney failure. Transmission takes place through coughs or sneezes from infected person or touching contaminated objects.

China, where the virus started, is now a success story. They contained the virus and although the total number in infectants was close to ninety thousand, the total deaths recorded were 4,635. Another success story is Pakistan, with a population of 212.2 million, contained the virus and kept businesses open. Pakistan recorded 460 thousand cases with little over nine thousand deaths. Time to time humans are made aware of how much is unknown to them and to their developed but un-just world. Challenges come in the shape of diseases like, Antonine plague, Cyprian plague, Justinian plague, Smallpox, the Great plague of London (that killed nearly 20% of the city’s population), First Cholera pandemic,

The Developed nations, intoxicated with the “Power to Destroy”, throw super deadly ammunition like Cluster and Daisy Cutters without knowing that the nature would
react and will take revenge from those whosoever collaborated. The price would be fierce. Today, the world has lost quadrillions of dollars plus close to two million lives (reported and unreported), men, women, and children. Every life is equal.

The global number of infections of the coronavirus disease, Covid-19, is continuing to rise. While it took three months for the first million individuals to be infected, by December 21, 2020, 78 million cases and 1.7 million deaths had been reported. The US was hit the largest, 19 million infected, and 330 thousand deaths, some 3,000 a day sometimes. If the administration of the vaccine delays it might double by the end of 2021. Brazil, India and Mexico were the 2nd worst loosing over hundred thousand each. France, Russia, Italy, Spain and UK got over 2 million infections and over sixty thousand deaths each. Apart from vaccines the new products and
equipment went on manufacturing and still emerging to help reduce the affect of the virus. Disinfectants, medical masks, regular masks, fashion masks, fashion mufflers and scarfs, face shields, medical masks, medical dresses, hand gloves, protected counter shields, ICUs and ventilators to name a few.